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Becoming a Czech

Autor: Jakub Ferenc, 12. 12. 2011, Povídky

This is my the very first work describing the famous Prague restaurant - Slavie as a necessity for every Czech. Only after having visited the restaurant, we can call ourselves Czech people. A bit exaggerated story about visiting the restaurant and trying to use images of sound, taste, sight as well as simile and other literary figures which we have discussed at literary seminars.

Becoming a Czech guy

What a historical place it is! The restaurant Slavia is considered one of the most alluring restaurants in Prague. Not only do we claim such a fact based on the food which is served there but also for the fact that many important decisions of our history were discussed just in Slavia. I would not be a right Czech if I did not give it a go.
It was one rainy night in Prague which persuaded me to hide myself somewhere. It was a great coincidence that I was standing next to the restaurant. All the things I had heard about the restaurant and how expensive i t is. I did not care. I decided to become a real young Czech man.

Not until I had entered did I realize how enigmatic place Slavia is. I travelled back in time. Beautiful interior accompanied with old blues music flowing from somewhere from the opposite side made an impression on me. I was immediately introduced to a free table which was situated just in the place from which I could see the piano player who were playing a Sinatra. I made my order. I wanted to try a deliciously looking pasta with a great variety of cheese and mushrooms. A glass of white wine must not have been missing. While I was waiting for my meal, I was tasting the atmosphere and looking around myself to see what type of people goes to such a restaurant. I was not suprised that the people looked as bright as famous actors and actresses. Luckily, I was proudly wearing my brand new T-shirt which courteously suited for the occasion. Here was my meal. A large expensive-looking plate in which was waiting the dish to be degustated. Exquisite smell filled my hungry senses. I started to feel happy as a child. I had never had an opportunity to degustate pasta with a smooth Frank Sinatra played by a great piano player next to me. I tasted the pasta slightly dipped in the cheese sauce. It was not a meal, It was the Art. The art of seducing a man’s taste buds.

I did not haste. I wanted to be seduced as long as possible. The glass of white wine was my French silent companion who suits the pasta very well. I did finished my diner after 30 minutes, which was rather a sad moment. Maybe that was the reason I started listing in the menu again trying to find something which could ease my sadness. Finally, I found it. A dessert, a big chocolate dessert was going to be my another companion. Having ordered the dessert, I looked out of the window whether it was still raining. It was. People out there, however, didnt care. They were enjoying an enchanting night together with me. A few people stopped to see what was going on in Slavia. Some of them caught a sight of me. What a contrast it was. Me sitting in the restaurant filled with pasta, wine and love and them being outside in rain. Nevertheless, we each were happy own way.
My chocolate dessert arrived at the same time when „Strangers in the night“ started to play. The cream on the top completed the spectacle.Piece by piece I ate the dessert until the plate was empty.

Being completely full and satisfied I decided to stay for a while and look at the piano player who had been making our diner extraordinary. Making others people’s lives extraordinary is something which many people strive for. Then It occured to me that being a piano player is one of the best occupations in the world.

It was getting on for ten o clock. I asked for a bill. My wallet was frightened and filled with prejudices about expensive-looking restaurants. When the waiter brough me the bill, I hesited to take it.
I turned the bill slowly and the price showed. I smiled, put the money on the silver plate and left there a tip. I walked past the playing artist and said good-bye to the waiter in front of the door.

It was raining and I stride out on my way home.